Civic Plus

Content Management System Software | Civic Send Application

The objective of the content management system was to redesign the front-end user interface while keeping the existing back-end development. Thirty-eight modules comprised the redesign, including a new dashboard to navigate and learn about the possibilities for communicating to local residents.

We started the research by building a conceptual model of the existing CMS structure and providing a clear understanding of how the entire CMS was organized. With the concept model, we could approach the project with a clear understanding of what we wanted to approach first and keep track of what was completed, in progress, and waiting to start.

The next step was user testing one module at a time as we approached them for the redesign. This approach gave us a better understanding of the redesign approach based on what currently worked well and what was challenging.

After whiteboarding with the front-end development team and talking through the technical limitations, wireframes began one module at a time. The wireframes were a joint effort with the design team once we established a pattern.

We started the design process with the dashboard. This allowed us to include it as part of the user flow for user testing. The following designs include the dashboard and the calendar module. I've included the calendar module because of the extent of research and development that went into making what we believed to be a very robust and easy-to-use calendar.

The following designs are of a module turned into a Civic Send stand-alone app. Civic Send allowed the user to send mass emails at once at a scheduled interval or on the fly for emergency notifications.


Andy Sharma, CISSP, CISM
Information Technology Executive

"I hired Lisa to head the User Experience (UX) initiative at CivicPlus. Over the years I have made numerous hiring decisions, hiring Lisa on my team at CivicPlus to lead our UX Strategy, was definitely one of the best hiring decisions I have made in my career. Lisa is a real go-getter, she spends time understanding the direction - no matter how ambiguous, and has surprised me with her output time and again. She is not just good at understanding the overall concepts, but is great at defining those further to the minutest details. At CivicPlus she led the cross functional team to define the UX Strategy for our Products as well as the company, which I was the executive sponsor for. This effort touched every single department in the company and has been a great success story. We even shipped out a brand new product using the Brand UX defined by Lisa. Lisa is a great resource to have on any team and I would hire her again in a heartbeat if our paths crossed. I wish Lisa the very best !!"